• APR 20 to MAY 25
    Il Mondo
    Solo Exhibition
    CONFLUENCIAS  -  Montse López


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 20 to MAY 25, 2013

    Event Location

    Il Mondo

    C/Calàbria 178 entre Aragó i Valéncia, 08015, Barcelona.

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    • Montse López


    In Confluences, Montse Lopez proposes creation as a link between a narrator and the precursor of all language: silence.

    The last time the consciousness of being no sound because no ballast of the past lives in his memory. Freedom is a move where the first actions create the sonorous echoes of the future: running through a forest, put your feet on the bed, playing with a soap bubble and take the land in their hands, are moments of a life that comes to meeting. Four attitudes that determine a kind of concepts: mystery, challenge, game and knowledge. Four experiences linked between contemplative images of skies, nights and lights, along with others where time flows without linear strokes: the feet of a child allude to adults looking to the past, as the other eye of an adult-hidden without reason-forwards into an uncertain future.

    The iconography of the action as a link over time, and the iconography of contemplation as the space shuttle, make up the story about the "confluence" that will shape a human being. The author exposes us a concrete-perhaps yours, perhaps figurative-, on a journey of inquiry that leaves evidence of its passage in furrows visual poetry.

    As a final reflection in a becoming, the last image as an epilogue that closes the story, is an unusual interpretation of the origin: it is part of the light into the darkness of life. If for Jean-Paul Sartre, "... the existence precedes essence ..." Confluence of Montse Lopez stood at the threshold above to exist-that other essential where no sound emerges from a shadow, but the clarity of visual silence.

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