• JUN 05 to JUL 28
    Solo Exhibition
    Conocimiento es poder


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Photography

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    JUN 05 to JUL 28, 2013

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    Curator: Pascal Beausse

    Organized by: Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Institut Français d’Espagne and PHotoEspaña

    In collaboration with: Real Jardín Botánico


    Twelve artists from eight countries reflect about the body as ideological object.

    They work with the body as a symbol of society, a collective and committed body of mutual support that contrasts sharply with the notion of the body as spectacle.

    This group exhibition puts forward the theory that we garner some sort of knowledge through our life experiences. This knowledge, developed by the body, is an instrument to resist alienation. The exhibition addresses themes such as age, gender and social and postcolonial issues to formulate the idea of a powerful body. The body as the ultimate goal.

    The pieces included in the exhibition speak of the body as an ideological object. Rejecting the idea of the body as a spectacle promoted by the industry and the media, these artists seek a different body: one that is a symbol of a society that confronts the power of nations and the economy, a society that resists alienation.

    Artistic activity revolves around that which defines and unites humanity through its most essential common ground: the body or corporeity. Contemporary art reflects on other definitions of the body and represents it differently. More than a confrontation between an individualistic, narcissistic body, and a collective, supportive and committed one, corporeal existence should be understood as a place—a means of discovery, of pleasure, of knowledge and of recognition of otherness. A place where differences be accepted. Artists remember that the body is an ideological object.

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