• NOV 04 to DEC 30
    Solo Exhibition
    Contemporary Laithong Painting 2014


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Prints & Works on Paper

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 04 to DEC 30, 2014

    10.00 am.-7.00 pm.

    Event Location

    Silapasri arts

    The Queen's Gallery 101 Ratchadamnoen Klang Rd, Borwonniwet, Phra Nakorn

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    Thai history is very important and valuable and has been like that for ages. Local people in the past inheritted Buddhist values and beliefs. Which have become tradition. This tradion, which corresponded with the way of life and social backgrounds of the local people , builds unique art essence of culture of reflect goodness and to support intellectual value. Cuture is spread by groups of people in society and it expresses as several forms and techniques of art.

    Gilded lacquer work, Laithong work , and painted gilded lacquered work are monochrome paintings . Buddhist art, that express Thai ancient wisdom . These works have adopted techniques using realgar on latex covvered black coat that are adopted with gold leaves and then washed with water. The inspiration of painting is flora. Line drawn in different sizes creates dimension and the illusion of a coat. The contents of the work is involved with Buddhism, which is intangible heritage for the next generation, and it expresses ideas, emotions and imaginations which great tezchers and master of this traduitional thai art form carry down toThai artist in present day.

    Works in "Contemporary Laithong Painting exhibition 2014 " were created between 2005-2014 . They took 10 years . They use creative techniques and nature  concepts such as tree, rock, and river etc.. that combine with Thai traditional folk tales that includes heroes, heroines, Himmapan creatures etc. there is a new tecniques call Lai Thai painting techniques that use Gilded lacquer work, LaiThong work, and painted gilded lacquered work.



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