• DEC 12 to FEB 23
    Group Exhibition
    Contiene animales vivos


    • Group Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    DEC 12, 2012 to FEB 23, 2013

    Hours: Wednesday-Friday from 17.00 h to 21 h. Saturday from 11 h to 14.30 h and from 17 h to 20: 30 h.

    Vernissage: on December 12, 2012

    Event Location

    Galería Blanca Berlín

    C/ Limón, 28 – Plaza Guardias de Corps. 28015 Madrid

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    The best is yet to come. The worst thing is that when the best, maybe already there are nobody. Green shoots? Shall najus of culebra, a variety of poisonous cactus than as a plectrum keys you you start to put eggplant, purple, Crimson, violet, violated... until you swallow you tongue. Tell me with what moral you get to create. create where? if the House of the people has been it is the Bank wrong. to create what? if that takes now are the Madam Merkel. tea pistachio jackets feel ridiculous. and would also self-interested. A true committed artist mount type performance "Sor María delivering their habits to Rodrigo Rato, as payment in kind" but I as much as I do is to pass me to Arte Povera. Arte pobre. Art Low Cost matching with the times so you're going to the dump in search of residual material and it turns out that, stirring, stirring, you find a box containing live animals (or jura that contains it; It is likely that it is unlikely to contain anything) if anything, notice to Pep Carrió and The Children Pox and we were in the Gallery of Blanca Berlin. not be when we open it, appears inside a koala, a lemur or a colorful Toucan's unusual beauty.

    Jaime Compairé, November 2012

    box this cornered in the workshop, has a red, in her label puts in black letters: "contains live animals", open box, huddled inside, old anonymous photographs, castaways drifting ended his journey on trails and lost-and-found. fragments of memory that tell us that "another past was not better", that tell us that those who look from this side already we are also past. albums incomplete, mutilated, empty spaces of the photographs that are no longer are so present as enigmatic images that have fallen, because now nobody can tell us of them. that woman's hat, that such a serious man, that child who cries beside her sister, those friends in the snow... What is laugh.
    Cierro box, contains anievil alive.

    Pep Carrió November 2012

    The Children Pox is an artistic partnership formed the Spanish Juan Zamora (Madrid, 1982) and the belgomexicana Alejandra Freymann (Xalapa, 1983).
    when Alejandra and Juan are put to work hand in hand the result is always drawings, very small almost in its entirety, cambuci, crossed by narratives that do not feel ashamed of its literary character or its proximity to the world of the enlightenment or the story. about these lately also arise more diverse objects, strange documentation - always fictional, or not-as well as family sagas and stories written in the form of letters, fables, fairy tales...

    papers used as support tend to be very special, dedicating to your choice and treatment much time and care. find them in old items of stationery, remittances into disuse or forgotten musty stores or things like that; but also are picked up from the street, or find them in old shops, chamarilerias, flea markets, antique books, etc.

    Alejandra and Juan do not live near, or even in the same

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