• APR 25 to JUN 29
    Group Exhibition
    Cosmos of Colour. Itten – Klee


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 25 to JUN 29, 2013

    Event Location

    Martin Gropius Bau

    Niederkirchnerstraße 7

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    Johannes Itten and Paul Klee made their mark in the history of 20th century art with theories of colour that were as important as they were conspicuous. Both proceeded from the assumption that the order of colours was logically structured as a self-contained cosmos. New sources show that both artists referred to the same intellectual sources, some of them esoteric, and inspired each other. Both developed their ideas about colour in the course of decades of reflection and work and applied them liberally in their art.

    In its presentation of about 200 works – including paintings, drawings and graphics – the exhibition takes a fresh look at two leading representatives of Classical Modernism in the German language area.

    In chronological order and grouped into five main stages, the exhibition shows key works by Johannes Itten and Paul Klee, the focus being on their artistic use of colour.

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