• APR 27 to MAY 06
    Group Exhibition
    CUVO + Nuevo Arte La Moraña. Nuevas tendencias del arte contemporáneo en la ciudad de Arévalo


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    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 27 to MAY 06, 2018

    Vernissage: Inauguración, viernes 27 a las 18:00 en la Iglesia de San Martín de Arévalo

    Event Location


    Calle San Martín al Cementerio, 2, 05200, Arévalo

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    • Anja Hovik y Jasmin Hurst
    • Antonio Alvarado
    • APOTROPIA (Italia)
    • BadBad MeowMeow (Taiwán)
    • Baron Lanteigne (Canadá)
    • Chris Oakley (Inglaterra)
    • Fernanda Bertero (Ecuador)
    • Fernando Epelde y Aïda Gómez (España)
    • Joaquín Manzano

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    (automatic translation)

    CUVO videoart: space Church of St. Martin. (since 28 April 11 to 14 h and from 17 to 20 h).
    inauguration: Friday 27 at 18:00 - Church of San Martin. presentation and chat for everyone.

    Spread around the city there will be works of: Antonio Alvarado, Joaquín Manzano Carrero, Juan Jesús Villaverde and Mario García Enriquez.
    works of artists invited at the San Martín Church space: Lola Di AZ, Laura Domínguez, Antonio Flan, and Jorge de la Cruz
    schedules: from 28 April 11 to 14 h and from 17 to 20 h

    Arévalo will become the capital of contemporary art of Castilla and León thanks to sample ' CUVO and the new art in La Moraña ' which will be held between April 27 and may 6, 2018 in the space of the Church of San Martín, coinciding with the celebration of the popular trade fair.

    The City Council has brought together environment to CUVO videoart Festival, the most important works of some of the artists moranegos; among them Antonio Alvarado, native of San Pedro de el Arroyo, pioneer of electronic art in our country.

    This important initiative will link to the nearby artists with the international contemporary scene. There will be indoor and also outdoor artworks for some artists to display their creations in the open air and with it, the arevalenses and visitors arriving during the weekend to Arévalo to appreciate the contrast between the medieval town and the more avant-garde art of the time.

    Travel begins in the Arc de Alcocer the work of Joaquín Manzano Carrero. Within the square the Real in the temple, you can admire the sound installation of Antonio Alvarado. Likewise a sculpture of Juan Jesús Villaverde and another Mario García Enríquez will be exposed, to the doors of the Church of San Martín,.

    Inside the Church of San Martin, you can view sample of videoart CUVO 2018 Edition, consisting of eight artistic videos, selected from among the 157 received the international call from 42 pai different SES. Videos remain the subject of "Electric mythologies" as a form of contemporary audiovisual narrative. Within its programming will be able to attend talks that facilitate understanding this type of art, which often seems accessible only to people from cultural circuits, but nothing further, CUVO aims to crumble and to understand the language of the video art for everyone. (27 April at 18:00 in the Church of San Martin)

    The plastic works of the artists of "La Moraña" will be displayed in the same space: Pilar Labajo, which has in the matter and colour the Centre from its inception and Teo Legido, which has incorporated materials like silver for the conformation of his works. There are also exposed the works of four artists invited for the occasion: on the one hand Lola Díaz, artist who through materials orders abstract with minimalist rigor; Laura Domínguez that puts us in the year 2100, bringing us the feeling of loss of the bullfighting; Antonio Flan, author who uses conventional tools into an art that looks for the interaction of the public; and Jorge de la Cruz, who will perform an installation on the Tower of the Church of San Martín as icing to throughout this tour of art and latest trends.

    Friday, April 27 at 18:00 h - official opening - Church of St. Martin.
    18:15: CUVO VIDEOART informative talk: "electric mythologies: what are telling?"
    18:45: viewing of the FESTIVAL (37 ')
    19:25: open DEBATE: video can be art? ON the content of the FESTIVAL and video art

    Saturday April 28 - 12:30 h - building workshop VIDEO - Church of St. Martin. compilation of the results of the school activity, viewing videos made by students in the environment of the Feria de Muestras.

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