• DEC 13 to JAN 26
    Group Exhibition
    Daniel Jacoby. Samuil Stoyanov. Dúo Show


    • Group Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    DEC 13, 2012 to JAN 26, 2013

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    Formato Cómodo

    C/ Lope de Vega 5

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    Galeria FORMATOCOMODO is proud to announce -DÚO show- exhibition, DANIEL JACOBY ( Lima. Perú 1985 ) y SAMUIL STOYANOV.( Dobrich. Bulgaria 1975 ) CUCULÍ . DANIEL JACOBY ( Lima. Perú 1985) 2011, vídeo monocanal HD transferido a memoria flash, color, sonido, 11'32'' 5 + PA SYNOPSIS The Zenaida Meloda is a common type of dove from the South American coast popularly known as cuculí for their particular cooing. Bird guides, depending on which part of the world, use different aide-mémoire phrases to help identify their calls and names. It's known that birds communicate through their songs, but it's been difficult to demonstrate whether they really have a language with structures and rules. In this video I explain anecdotes and insignificant events of my stay in Japan during 2010 ––a slow process in which I learned how to coexist with a completely different culture. Interspersed between these exciting and puzzling stories are short explanations about the calls of birds. 10 min Geozavod. SAMUIL STOYANOV.( Dobrich. Bulgaria 1975 ) 2012 HD video, 16:9, 10'25" (loop), 5 + 1 PA 10 min Geozavod video has been shot in Belgrade this summer. I shot it for two nights in Geozavod building. Geozavod (Serbian) means geodetic institute. It is a huge neo-baroque building, build 1904-07, which was used this year for the 53 Oktober Salon, Belgrade, as exhibition space, bun also as a context and a theme for the show. It is brief and clear here: "This year’s October Salon will be located at the building of the Geodetic Institute, built in 1905-1907 as the Belgrade Shareholders’ Society, one of the most beautiful but also one of the most neglected monumental edifices in Belgrade. This inspiring location will be used as a space of ad hoctransformation where the works will be “implanted” in its present condition and in its existing historical narrative and architectural design. This building in Belgrade becomes a trampoline, a catapult – localised and particular – but not empty or closed up, just actively connecting the dots between here and there, then and now." I look at this video as a site-specific video, because it can't be repeated in any other building. There can be two similar spaces in different buildings, but when we start to compere more than 10 rooms the specifics of each building becomes more clear. It become some-kind of a in-said portrait of the building. It is some-kind of a study of the space. In each space I am trying to make a biggest possible circle (I broke only two lambs ) It was also about my exploration and experience the spaces and the building, and in a way giving a life for a wile during the night. I like the idea that the sours of the light is moving constantly which is strange because usually it is fixed and the lighted surfaces and the shadows are still. Producido por el Centro Cultural de Belgrado para el 53 Salón de Octubre BIO DANIEL JACOBY ( Lima. Perú 1985) After gaining a Master degree in Artistic Production and Research from the University of Barcelona, Daniel Jacoby (PE, 1985) has complemented his experience with residencies in Japan (Tokyo Wonder Site) and currently in The Netherlands (ARE). He has had solo exhibitions at Galeria Toni Tàpies (Barcelona), Museu de l'Empordà (Figueres) and L'Aparador (Mollet del Vallès) and group shows at Centro Cultural Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo), Midway Contemporary Art (Minneapolis), Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (Madrid) and Centre d’Art La Panera (Lleida), among others. Jacoby has been awarded the Miquel Casablancas Prize (Barcelona) and the Cajasol Grant for Visual Arts Projects (Sevilla). For 2012, solo exhibition at Casino Luxembourg’s Project Room Aquarium (Luxembourg)..Solo exhibición 1646-La Haya -A MOUNT-RUSHMORE-RESEMBLING PIECE OF CHEDDAR CHEESE MELTED TO A PERFECTLY FLAT SQUARED SLICE BIO SAMUIL STOYANOV ( Dobrich. Bulgaría 1975) Samuil Stoyanov is an artist and cultural activist who lives and works in Dobrich and Sofia,Bulgaria. Aside from many international group shows, Stoyanov has nine solo exhibitions, the last of which at the Institute for Contemporary Art - Sofia Gallery,Bulgaria, 2010, titled ON THE TOP – Exhibition of Samuil Stoyanov and its Effect on Global Warming. He is the winner of nine artist’s awards, the most significant of which are the BAZA Award, 2009 and the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art, 2011. In 2010 he was a resident artist at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP),New York,USA. Samuil was represented in Frieze Magazine by Nedko Solakov for the anniversary issue 141, September 2011 (20/20 article). Stoyanov works in the field of all the existing media, by multilevel treating various subjects of the day, trying to execute and investigate different aspects of the topics he is interested. Sometimes he is skeptical and often with the means of sharp irony.

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