• JAN 17 to FEB 17
    Solo Exhibition
    Debbie Harry Queen of Punk: Portraits by Brian Aris


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 17 to FEB 17, 2013

    Event Location

    Proud Chelsea

    161 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5XP
    United Kingdom

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    Proud Chelsea is pleased to present a stunning collection of Debbie Harry portraits from 1977 - 1988 taken by acclaimed photographer Brian Aris.

    With her two-toned bleached-blonde hair, plucky punk outfits and intoxicating stage presence, Harry is the ultimate 70s icon. The front woman of infamous New-Wave Punk band Blondie, her distinct and sultry vocals headed a unique mix of disco, pop, rap and reggae. Aris was first asked to photograph Blondie’s enigmatic lead singer in 1977 just before the band exploded into popularity, and continues to shoot promotional material and portraits for Harry today. In the words of Brian Aris:

    “Nobody could have been more surprised than I was when Debbie finally walked into my studio for that initial shoot. No band, no heavy American management presence - just a quietly-spoken, polite and extremely beautiful girl with a natural but devastatingly sexy look. She floored everybody there.”

    This photographic collection at Proud Chelsea combines several of Aris and Harry’s portrait sittings from Blondie’s heyday, colourful shots taken in Debbie Harry’s New York apartment and a selection of nostalgic Polaroids. Amongst classic and iconic images, Proud Galleries will be exhibiting never before seen shots uncovered from Aris’ personal archive: including stills from the video shoot of "Island of Lost Souls" on the Scilly Isles; and sittings in London and NY.

    Aris has said of Harry: “She’s unique: certainly one of the most creative people that I’ve worked with, which probably comes from the Andy Warhol influence and her New York background ... She’s endlessly drawing inspiration from those around her and twisting their looks to work for her.”

    Almost 40 years since the iconic band came together in 1974, and 35 years since Aris’ first shoot with Harry; Proud Chelsea reveals the 70s bombshell as she has never been seen before

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