• NOV 08 to FEB 16
    Cámara oscura
    Solo Exhibition
    Días Transparentes


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 08, 2012 to FEB 16, 2013

    Event Location

    Cámara oscura

    C/ Alameda 16, 28014 Madrid

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    After the undeniable success of his retrospective in Paris held at the Institut Néerlandais in November 2010 in Spain turn to enjoy a new project after a relatively low production season, but has yet to benefit from exceptional quality of the new images.
    The new photographic works of Ellen Kooi have undergone a change, or more an evolution, when compared with his latest exhibition "Borrowed Landscapes" in PhotoEspaña '09. Small details in the composition and narrative pulse are characteristic in his work, and we can see on the one hand a return to the forest and water as always articulate scenarios as main characters in this story.

    Moreover, we find nothing new components common in his work as high horizon lines or no, it closed the composition and give it a more brooding, tense and claustrophobic.

    We must not forget that the work of Ellen Kooi reels off a battle between the protein
    man and nature, between each person and their environment, a complex and troubled relationship that today more than ever we rethink and reinvent that is. Moreover, his images reflect a Nordic peace and coolness only apparent, since under that blanket of quiet hide a series of intense feelings ranging from anxiety, isolation, surprise, or fear.

    Ellen Kooi's work is much more than an individual expression-as artistasino collective expression, a national spirit with which it do not belong to the Netherlands fail to see ourselves reflected.

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