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    Different Hues of Religious Fervor


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    AUG 26, 2016

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    New Delhi

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    Recently, I visited the Visual Art Gallery at India Habitat Center in New Delhi to witness and explore an art exhibition titled, “A Hue of Devotion”. It was a solo art exhibition, exhibiting the artworks of Ritu Gupta, a renowned Indian contemporary artist. As soon as I entered the exhibition hall, I was enthralled as I found myself in a mystifying environment. The setting was spiritual that helped the onlookers connect with their inner-self and achieve inner peace. Inspired by the Indian culture and the day-to-day life, the paintings were a riot of colors. As the name of the exhibition suggest, it was an exhibition where the artist captured the spirit of India and its culture where every day is a festival and every single festival is devoted to a particular deity. On display were 50 mystifying artworks which were inspired by these festivals. Of all the artworks that I liked the most was Maa Durga paintings that celebrated the feminine power. Each and every artwork exhibited at this show was an epitome of the dedication of the artist and the thorough research that she did to paint these masterpieces.

    Captivated by the beauty of these 50 artworks, I decided to research about the artist. Ritu is a leading name in the field of Indian contemporary art scene. She obtained her Masters of Fine Arts degree from D.G College, Kanpur University. Her passion and dedication can be seen in every stroke of her brush. India and its culture and traditions are her source of inspiration and this can be witnessed in her traditional and religious art. Intricately detailed artworks, which are almost always filled with rich colors and capture dream-like backgrounds, act as a canopy protecting and nurturing the culture and tradition of the nation. She has more than 40 successful exhibitions under her belt.

    Considering her love and respect of religion, it is no surprise that her first outing as a professional artist began with “Lord Ganesha.” In Hindu religion, the elephant face God marks an auspicious beginning. Her previous exhibition, “Empowering Love” was devoted to Radha and Krishna. Her paintings were quintessence of the divine love of these two deities.

    Among her other series, the one that stimulated me the most was titled, “Divine Goddess”. Through various beautiful Maa Durga paintings, this series celebrated the supremacy of Goddess Parvati and articulated the notion that all goddess are the same and are manifestation of Goddess Parvati.

    The artworks created by Ritu are truly mystic, stimulating, divine and alluring. So, if you too are seeking divine blessing, then you can consider buying Maa Durga paintings by Ritu.

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