• SEP 14 to NOV 10
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 14 to NOV 10, 2017

    Vernissage: SEPTEMBER 14 20H.

    Event Location

    Galeria Combustion Espontanea

    Amaniel 20 bajo b

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    • Din Matamoro


    (automatic translation)

    Enter. Contemplate. Perceive. Observe. Discover. Move. Vibrate. Illuminating. More transparent. Materialize. Imagine. Reflect. Draw. Exit.

    Only looking, struggling with the incomplete look of the era that surrounds us, can get deep into the very essence of the drawings of Din Matamoro, paintings that appear and disappear between glazes and glazes, as if to draw the air is it were, reflect his interest in optical perception and psychological responses produced by the contemplation of art, research carried out recently under the name of neuroestetica, whose bu Search focuses on the scientific approach in visual perception, analyzing the intuitions, replies and reactions of our mind before seeing a work of art.

    In his works we can discover a constant movement, a growing vibration that goes beyond the physical barrier traveling between the tangible and the intangible. There is a concept of final work, but rather a lead to others, in a constant way to the search for the light - key point in optical research developed by Matamoro-, a light diffuse and translucent, with a halo of transparency. So, look beyond the piece without rebounding, losing in a sort of fog of color, where spring shades and reflections.

    Din Matamoro materialized in each of his works the images generated by our mind, thus, the feelings, the thoughts, imagination, these spots that we perceive in our brain, reflected in his paintings and papers, travelling from calculated abstract technique to the digital representation of mental images discovered in bland encomiums bodies that return us to the primary essence of art.

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