• MAR 15 to APR 20
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 15 to APR 20, 2013

    Vernissage: Reception with the artist, Friday, March 15th, 7-10 pm

    Event Location

    Galerie Wagner + Partner

    Strausberger Platz 8

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    According to Greek mythology, the underworld was divided into three and one of these lands was the Asphodel Meadows (Asphodeliengrund), where the so-called mythical Asphodel flowers grew. 

    Eckart Hahn’s third solo exhibition with the gallery showcases a sophisticated view of the South German artist. Hahn’s paintings have long been favourites of collectors. Most recently they have received acclaim in numerous institutional shows including; Kunstpalais Erlangen, Kunstmuseum Singen and the Mannheimer Kunstverein, who have all presented successful solo shows of his work. 

    Art critics would define Hahn’s work as Fantastic Realism; nonetheless this categorisation insufficiently describes the artist’s œuvre. Over the years he has noticeably reduced his colour palette to the base colours of red, yellow and blue, as well as black and white – an aesthetic emphasis that corresponds with a further visual emphasis, namely, his use of space. In contrast to his earlier works, which played out in vast, partly dark landscapes, his current, almost elusory works play out in chamber-like scenes. 

    “Hahn places irritations in the world, that influence and alter how we see – nothing is certain in his paintings, everything is in perpetual change and yet nothing seems to move. His scenarios appear as if they are frozen; artefacts from the well of a bygone world… Hahn’s art contains that certain something that one does not forget, that which still makes painting exciting. Even after years one still finds newness in his paintings, as well as sculptural highlights.” (Martin Stather, Kunstverein Mannheim). 

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