• SEP 22 to MAR 03
    Group Exhibition
    El artista en la ciudad


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 22, 2012 to MAR 03, 2013

    Event Location

    Centro Centro

    Plaza de Cibeles, 1

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    • Alberto Pina
    • Carlos FrancoMiguel Galano
    • César Luengo
    • Chiti Ayuso
    • Concha Gómez Acebo
    • Damián Flores
    • Dis Berlin
    • Félix de la Concha
    • Fernando Martín Godoy
    • Fernando Bellver

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    Modern painting is made in the city or from the city. And anyway, for urban viewers. This condition characterized inevitable issues and interests of the painters of the twentieth century, not only painted the façade but also his inner life. Spain came so late modernity that caught us off guard postmodernity

    The city, which had grown at the expense of the labor market, which had just been the scene of the fight for freedom, became the venue and after successive disappointments. Until today, that the personality of the cities gives the benefit of efficiency and globalization. Asípues who here have painted the city in the last decades of the twentieth century and early twenty-first they have a spirit different from those of previous eras. And this is what this exhibition aims to show that brings together the work of 36 artists born between 1945 and 1975.

    What can we do? A little or nothing idealized vision of our cities, but completely real, though sometimes only realistic. And in these cases, determined to capture the poetic dimension of the everyday. Vision also markedly away from the genre and instead committed to highlight the features modern and international city. Dreamy, however, is the look that targets foreign cities and that builds the memory and imagination. Laespañola, by contrast, is a city in permanent construction or said in a less friendly, always works. They also will get to the depths of the city: both the subsurface to indoor and frame conducive urban encounters.

    In short, we offer a collection of views and pictorial languages ??(the preamble is a drawing of the profile of the city) we will see with new eyes what is already known, and allow us to continue imagining where we believed everything already seen.

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