• SEP 27 to OCT 23
    Solo Exhibition
    'El Camino de la Vida' de Rubén Aranda se expone en ART ROOM, Madrid.


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 27 to OCT 23, 2018

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    C/ Santa María, 15

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    • Rubén Aranda


    (automatic translation)

    Inauguration, Thursday, September 27 at 20:00.

    we should think of the present as when we do it in the past, i.e. idealizing it. Because in one way or another we need to take forces, and it seems that souvenir we extract both sublime moments as the painful, distilled and purified and turn them into Golden biography, which feed directly on our experience and our breaths, is, how we should live the moment.
    Rubén Aranda is doing a series where the passage of time is accelerated to reach the present with that wrought road, used where corrosion seeking elements ferrous on the concrete structure. But equally, each piece will continue its evolution from wear, being that, as the author himself explains: "this technique that tries to control the casuistry allows work offer a continuous dialogue and variable, a" motion static, far from offering a unique and exclusive message".
    the result is a set of sculptures in vibrant situation, with the beauty and the deterioration, humanizing the materials.
    Ruben Aranda is technical Superior fine arts, sculpture and restoration specialist. His work is in many public spaces such as Lleida airport, in the Bell Tower of la Seu Vella in the same city, or the city of Tarragona and Huesca and in Utah (USA).
    has exhibited in Barcelona , Paris, Luxembourg, Geneva and now in Art Room.

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