• MAY 02
    El lado oculto de la Luna. Méliès, antes y después del cine UN VIAJE A LA FANTASÍA


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    MAY 02, 2013

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    CaixaForum Barcelona

    Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8

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    The cinema of Méliès has a backbone: the trick. In his films there disappearances, transformations and sudden appearances. Those tricks had a craft component, all the magic of those "animated visions" came from a tradition of spectacles and optical mills that had developed during the nineteenth century, before the cinema. Today, digital imaging allows solutions to problems that the trick scenic or photochemical Méliès's time had not been able to cope. But the imagination of today's cyber world (video, computer games, films shot all with digital tricks, some television programs) find that sometimes is too dragged by technology, as if, after the movie, the movie clip had lost the ability to fascinate. Or maybe not?

    Luis Alonso, professor of History of Film, Media and Communication at the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid

    Lead: Joan M. Minguet, professor of contemporary art and film history at UAB

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