• FEB 28 to APR 11
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 28 to APR 11, 2015

    Vernissage: February 28th at 8:00 pm

    Event Location

    La New Gallery

    Carranza 6

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    What they didn’t told you about motherhood.


    The ideal of maternity is an asexual image, lacking of desire, pain and hostility. An icon of perfection, of service, an aseptic sweetness, which the mother must accept if she doesn’t want her femininity and social acceptance to be in danger. THE SECRET DEAL allow us to meet other images of the maternal roll, less fictitious representations, surprising but also closer to the norm, because they are all part of the experience. Cristina Llanos publicly reveals the contract she never signed:

    Gathered the two parts, a mother and the other, the rest, form by the rest of citizens who are not the mother, is decided, without being necessary or binding the testimony of the party named as the mother, the following:

    1. It will always prevail the interest on the unborn. The party that correspond to the mother will be silenced on any painful or traumatic event whether it’s suffered during childbirth, postpartum period or later during the puerperium. Any interest of the mother will be subject to the protection of the species’ survival and its public.

    2. After giving birth to the baby, both by natural or caesarean means, and without regard to the vicissitudes during the gestation period, if any, the mother will yield the moral authority of the child to the others, delegating this responsibility in defence of what we can call "status quo". This does not relieve the mother of his obligation as the creature’s a food producer.

    3. This agreement is binding and obligatory for the mother and not be subject to her consent, nor will require her decision to make effective such contract.

    4. The fulfilment of the agreement demands absolute confidentiality so under any circumstances the obligations of this agreement will be public. If the mother violates this clause of confidentiality the other party will be given the necessary authority to take the pertinent actions to the detriment of the opposite party.

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    By Antonio de la Rosa

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