• SEP 20 to OCT 25
    Solo Exhibition
    El Quark y el Jaguar


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 20 to OCT 25, 2014

    Vernissage: September 20 at 12: 00

    Event Location

    AC Gallery Arte&Ciencia

    Plaza de Chueca, 6. Bajo

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    (automatic translation)

    AC Gallery art & science opens exhibition season with sample the Quark and the Jaguar, the artist Antonio Calleja.

    AC Gallery art & science opens season with the works of one of its most representative artists, Antonio Calleja.

    The Madrid painter, faithful representative of the relationship between art and science, presents an exhibition of paintings inspired by the work of the prize Nobel of physics Murray Gell-Mann the quark and the jaguar, where scientist confronts a particle as imperceptible as a quark inside an atom, with something as complex as a jaguar at night in the jungle.
    Antonio Calleja's work is a reflection on the simple and the complex, about the connections between the fundamental laws of physics and the diversity of our complex habitat natural.
    this deliberation, the artist uses two tools which considered Basic for the progress of human knowledge: mathematics and art. While math connect mind with physical reality; Art gives you knowledge about himself, and takes you to places that the reason limits, closest to consciousness that knowledge.

    Calleja uses mathematics as a tool for abstracting and simplifying reality, trying to understand it before shape it in his work, with the complexity of a technical language that highlights its use of elements materials and suggestive colours.

    The exhibition approaches the observer to scientific topics, through suggestive forms of his works, which accompanies with phrases in which the artist poses some of the mysteries of life and nature.

    Antonio Calleja, painter with a long artistic career, has exhibited his work in numerous national and international spaces, participating in exhibitions in important galleries in Paris, New York, Chicago or Stockholm.

    Gallery, located in the Plaza de Chueca and constituted more than four years ago, is the only one in Spain dedicated to combine the different artistic disciplines with the science.
    inauguration will take place on 20 September at 12.30 hours.


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