• MAY 30 to JUN 30
    Group Exhibition
    Endless Mansion


    • Group Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 30 to JUN 30, 2013

    Vernissage: Thursday May 30, 20.30 h

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    c / Gran Vía, 26 6 º drch | Madrid, España

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    • HTML flowers
    • Simon Hanselmann


    ENDLESS MANSION means like when a creature gets an anxiety loop of the mind. the labyrinthical process of feeling and crying and vomiting that can occur everyday. Drawn by two friends who suffer collectively from anxiety, depression, Cystic Fibrosis, asthma, nightmares, frozen pizza gorging and deep seeded self loathing. The crushing paralysis brought on by these problems is exorcised by colorful avatars with fantasy hairstyles, fantasy gardens, fantasy depression beds, fantasy plant friends and rock friends.
    You can see in the bleak precision and bold coloring of Hanselmann's paintings that he has given up imagining better places and is now bound to replicate the most lightless of spaces and feelings that have left their imprint on him.
    You can tell by HTMLflower's roaming character invention and fading, light colors that he has not yet accepted the futility of drawing as therapy, he still believes he can invent a reality better than his own, consuming enough to live in, this is why he avoids strong colors and pens, they reflect a permanence Flowers is afraid of exploring as he secretly knows and fears that these worlds will not save him.

    Simon Hanselmann (born Tasmania, 1981) is a cartoonist/artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His work revolves around the themes of depression, drugs and television. He is a regular contributor to Frank Santoro's Comics Workbook Tumblr-magazine. In print his work has appeared in Vice, Smoke Signal, The Lifted Brow, Gang Bang Bong, Dopututto Max, Kus and many more. his "Megg & Mogg" series of comics will soon be collected from their internet prison and published in multiple languages.


    HTMLflowers (born US, 1987) has been releasing music, tattooing, exhibiting multi-media art stuff, self publishing/ "other ppl publishing 4 him" publishing - comix, journals, poems, short stories, directionless drawing collections - and writing about the struggle of living with Cystic Fibrosis & posting semi nude selfies on his tumblr for roughly a decade. He has been published by VICE, kus, Voiceworks, Silent Army Publishing and others. He has exhibited at No Vacancy, Greenwood Gallery, 6a Gallery, Rear View Gallery, BUS gallery, Tinning Street Gallery and others.


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