• NOV 29 to JAN 19
    Rafael Pérez Hernando
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 29, 2012 to JAN 19, 2013

    Event Location

    Rafael Pérez Hernando

    Orellana 18, 28004, Madrid, España

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    The first is consistency and continuity that has been in the course of its investigations, to the point that all his work for many years comes to musical development of some fundamental geometric and color themes. The second is the ability to Julian Gil to extract maximum aesthetic delight as basic geometric shapes such as the quadrilateral and the triangle, which reminds us of the importance in his compositions is the use of the golden ratio. The third is the splendor of cheerful colors lining these figures so wisely provided. It is easily understood that in a recent exhibition in Germany dedicated to red (rot) has been invited to participate. I think Julian Gil is the only Spanish artist who has earned the honor. The fourth aspect is that, especially in recent years, Julian Gil's paintings have, among other virtues, to suggest five archetypal structures of life and the world: the stairs, the door, the window, the horizon and the cross. It's like between those relating archetypal existential condition of man, of human life in the world, and geometric-aesthetic formulas chosen by Julián Gil had a communication that should raise certain key finding that both belong to the field of elementary geometry and the life. The fifth and final point I want to emphasize is the ability Julián Gil shows in his work to get surprising variations in geometric structures thanks to her use of color. With what comes to show that the color is exactly the power that gives the geometric structures really human transcendence.
    Artist of principles, Julián Gil always looks like it looks great in his later paintings, simple even in what might antojársenos more complicated, and seems to say that the real complexity is hit to combine pure finitude of Figures geometry with the infinite palette of colors. In line and color and only line and color, the artist seems to say, is the secret of art.
    Ignacio Gomez de Liano
    ("Julian Gil, between color and line." 2012)

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