• JAN 24 to MAR 30
    Galeria Luis Adelantado
    Solo Exhibition
    Entre fraudes y hechos


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 24 to MAR 30, 2013

    Event Location

    Galeria Luis Adelantado

    Col. Anahuac, 11320 México D.F.
    Mexico City

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    Guerrero's work explores the boundaries of the box, to deepen and reflect on the creation of the pictorial image, support and conventions. Away from the more narrative precepts, Guerrero uses paint as a weapon, to raise issues with the painting process itself and its legitimacy today as artistic practice.

    Just as in the classic story of Parrasio in competition with Zeuxis, "Between fraud and deeds" refers to the conflict between deception and truth of the picture plane, between the figure and its materiality; between pictorial space representation and its negation. As if these two opposing approaches were faced in the same pictorial support.

    In the process of trying to discover new fields pictorial imagery, exploring various strategies such as spatial conflicts, transit domains of abstraction, negation of the source image, associative exercises; dichotomies or radical visual juxtapositions. These exercises autonomous characterized by extreme frontal, where representation is always delayed or reflected, looking tight his motives seem to lack air, every stroke of refined morphology and strong opacity is bolted to the canvas, giving the work of an illusory formal soundness confirms the certainty of its material surface, revealing its genesis and status of chimera.

    Artist belonging to the new generation of painters Seville, having joined in 2005 to Luis Adelantado Gallery her work has been featured internationally in Shanghai, Rome, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Sao Paulo and Miami, both in group exhibitions at fairs art. Among his awards include; Contest Andalusian Arts of Malaga Honorable Mention Award in the VI ABC Painting and Photography, Arts XLIII Caja San Fernando.

    Source: Luis Adelantado Mexico

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