• NOV 29 to JAN 11
    Solo Exhibition
    Estefanía Urrutia - Luz


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 29, 2012 to JAN 11, 2013

    Event Location

    Piramidón. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo



    • Estefanía Urrutia


    Estefanía Urrutia (Madrid, 1981), artist resident in Piramidón, performs his first solo exhibition at our Center. He presents his latest work, which is reflected in a catalog published for the occasion. Hyper-realistic painter, Estefania shows a mature work, looking for the absence, the poetics of solitude, vacuum. Attracted by the beauty of simple, everyday, places of remembrance, old and lonely, reflects interior spaces where enjoy games of light and shades, in search of reality and color. Its spaces appear in the attitude of meditation and solitude. They are scenes where the viewer seems to be able to observe without being seen. The pictures of this young artist are as an open window to a point of calm and stillness, intimacy and silence, where time has stopped.

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