• JAN 23 to APR 07
    Solo Exhibition
    Etat d´urgence (Works 1998-2013)


    • Solo Exhibition

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 23 to APR 07, 2013

    Event Location

    Maison Européenne de la Photographie

    5/7 rue de Fourcy - 75004 Paris.

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    • Martial Cherrier


    As the philosopher Dominique Quessada writes: “Martial Cherrier is neither a photographer, nor a painter, nor a videomaker, although he gladly embraces all these artforms. The raw material for his art is plasticity itself: the body, his own body”. The self-portraits and photographic self-representations in this exhibition chronicle the slow, gradual construction process which, from 1978 to the present, using injections and ingested substances, has transformed a normal body into a unique, hyper-enlarged body. But it also illustrates the impossibility of freeing ourselves from biological determination. The glorious, flamboyant narcissism of the early years gives way to an anxious, wounded narcissism to which only the artwork can give a semblance of status: a “state of emergency” that Martial Cherrier expresses with lucidity and without complacency.

    A catalogue is available, published by Contrasto.

    Media partner: Le Journal des Arts.

    La Galerie du Passage – Pierre Passebon also presents an exhibition of Martial Cherrier’s work, from 6 February to 2 March 2013.

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