• APR 26 to JUN 15
    Solo Exhibition
    Ewerdt Hilgemann  'The New York Project'


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 26 to JUN 15, 2013

    Tue-Sat 12am-6pm

    Vernissage: opening April 26

    Event Location

    Kai Hilgemann

    Markgrafenstrasse 67 . 10969 Berlin

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    Elementary research has from the beginning characterized Hilgemann’s work. After experiments in the sixties with subtle, white wooden wall pieces, catching light, he turned into a conceptual sculptor, using natural stone, as well as steel in series of works, or as opposites: positive versus negative in geometric shapes, such partitioned cubes. In 1980 he introduced randomness and natural powers beyond his control,into his working method. Much to his surprise, he found that also the unpredictable is subject to natural laws, to which he soon could anticipate. Is there anything softer than air, more vital for human beings, breathing in and out? Yet, this same air is capable of pressing, folding large steel containers, once the air is being evacuated. That force has become hilgemann’s tool.

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