• NOV 12 to JAN 16
    Solo Exhibition
    Exhibition 'Babble' ALAN SASTRE


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 12, 2015 to JAN 16, 2016

    Vernissage: 12 November 20h

    Event Location

    Combustión Espontánea Art Gallery

    Colmenares 11

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    The English term which is the title of Alan Sastre’s first solo exhibition refers to a group of figures describing the difficulty of recurrent forms trying to articulate something that cannot be expressed. 'Babble' can be the infantile speech of a baby who cannot yet talk, the intelligible voice of someone who expresses himself in a haphazard, rushed way, the hubbub of voices mingled with each other, or the murmur of water flowing between stones and rocks. Depending on these different meanings, the ineffable is presented in four modalities or dimensions: (1) not knowing or not being able to know yet, (2) attempting to give voice to something that cannot be said in any way - so it loses the form of a thought and turns into a circumstance emerging to us, (3) the excess of knowledge trying to deploy itself utterly in vain in the social context of an information-saturated environment, (4) the intriguing naturalness of a chaotic noise that develops into another level of transcendental and neutral natural order. However, 'Babble' does not arise as a reflection on the difficulty understood as something to resolve, invalidate or alleviate, but as an essential component of the range of possibilities nourishing the intensity and aperture of artworks. In Confronting images, Georges Didi-Huberman demanded a certain background of confusion and obscure evidence as a pivotal element of an art which results a “braid of knowing and not knowing”. 'Babble' materialises and presents to the viewer this obscure ambiguity. But it does not provoke this as a final witness to Alan Sastre’s particular way of confronting material, formal and metaphysical dilemmas of the creative process, but about conveying to the spectator as faithfully as possible this root difficulty. For this reason, the seductive and misleading forms that live in his paintings – like the completely flat nature of artworks that give the impression of an exceptional relief- are the axes of a system full of dualities, discrepancies and antagonisms. In this system the difficulty is the transparent manifestation of an invisible order that the contingent and the absolute find the most consistent of its equilibriums.

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