• JUL 02 to SEP 24
    Solo Exhibition
    Exposició al segle XIX


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    JUL 02 to SEP 24, 2013

    Event Location

    La Capella

    Hospital, 56

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    • Jonathan Millán Solsona


    Exposició al segle XIX (Exhibition in the 19th Century), by Jonathan Millán, is one of the projects selected for a solo exhibition in the Espai Cub at La Capella within the framework of BCN Producció 2013.

    Jonathan Millán (Barcelona, 1979) studied Fine Arts and has devoted much of his career to working in the media. Through drawing, illustration, text and, more recently, sculpture and video, he comments on everyday life, the human nature, relationships, the collective imaginary and the role of art. Perceptive and ironic, his reflections and complex analogies propose a direct, puzzling poetics, which thrives on satire, parody, fiction and the absurd.

    Exposició al segle XIX revolves around a series of small abstract sculptures and is presented as an installation in Espai Cub. The exhibition comprises a video that documents a range of historical situations surrounding these pieces, a series of photographs and drawings thereof, the exhibition of one of them and an object.

    The various elements, in a joint dialogue, give material form to a specific context to suggest possible interpretations to the viewer as regards the meaning and the significance of these sculptures. The proposal is part of the research currently being conducted by the author around expanding the idea of the sculptural towards more narrative formats.

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