• DEC 05 to DEC 19
    Solo Exhibition
    Exposición Aimee Joaristi


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    DEC 05 to DEC 19, 2013

    Event Location

    Amador de los Ríos

    Fernando el Santo, 24

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    • Aimee Joaristi


    (automatic translation)

    The Babylon by Aimee Joaristi

    "Babylon", the great whore of the Bible, gives its name to the individual exhibition Aimee Joaristi presented in Madrid, at the Gallery Amador de los Rios. Joaristi has built in this series of paintings in mixed media, a real Tower of Babel. Its exposure could be a Ziggurat of thirteen statements that are fragmented in themselves to other times, memories, others and your own art. The legend of this high tower which was built in Babylon may mean the visual language of the artist, geometric shapes that intersect and repeated to infinity in Babylon itself, on which Herodotus tells that it was a succession of enclosures walled, each within others, regulated geometrically using right angles, and in which even the houses reproduced in minimum scale, the terraced walls and inner courtyards, forms of the temples and palaces, a fractal universe in which lived together multiple faiths and races of the time.

    In the spaces Fractals on canvas Joaristi has prepared for this show, also live drawings from his early adolescence cut and recomposed, paintings purchased on the street and reproductions of famous paintings, because that is not the culture, a compound of visions, beliefs, myths and technologies, a Babylon of temporal and spatial warps? Joaristi used their language to demonstrate that a single reality there is, so select images, cut them, paste them on other paintings - own or outside - and photographs of other times, like the scenarios of Griffith in "Intolerance" or their own youth portraits, but also portraits of people who want to convert their conception of a single reality in multiple look she offered, and they charge that a portrait, to then be fragmented by the brush painting, textured or stenciled on stencils that draws and then taking shape three-dimensional methacrylate.

    The artist has practiced the Visual Arts, while her interior design work, but until a few years ago has brought to light his pieces, show them to the public to share in this way its fractal view of the world, which applies in multicultural sense in one and the other case, because the personal language is one, that it uses to communicate his multipurpose visions in a field and another, taking advantage of the perceptive Babylon in which we live.

    Marcela Valdeavellano



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