• FEB 11 to MAR 10
    Solo Exhibition
    Exposición Dani Garcia Sarabia


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 11 to MAR 10, 2016

    Event Location

    Fifty Dots Gallery

    Milà i Fontanals, 59

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    The month of February will have the artist Dani Garcia Sarabia with his "Andorra Landscapes" series

    The inauguration will be next February 11 from 7 p.m. in the Gallery Fifty Dots, c / Milà i Fontanals, 59 in Barcelona

    "Andorra Landscapes"

    There are places in the world where it seems that time stands still, the rush of civilization fades and the gaze is lost in the distance, to the point where we fix our eyes on the horizon and we end up losing track of time. Nothing changes, everything remains undisturbed over the course of time.

    There are other places where the chaos and almost madness catches us and takes us into a vortex that spins and spins incessantly as the adrenaline rises and we seek sensations that make us live with great intensity.

    And finally, there are those spaces that fill our eyes with multicolored commercial products to satisfy our needs.

    Andorra is a unique country, unknown for many, that condenses in very little space everything previously cited. In a few minutes we can move from streets full of the highest level stores to immerse us in the lush of nature, or get carried away by the speed of the descence through the ski slopes, connected between them to become one of the largest ski areas in Europe. And everything separated by a few meters and a very few kilometers. Andorra, in the words of writer Joan Barril is a vertical country. Only fifteen minutes walk away and we find ourselves in a path in the mountains, where we leave the stores, noise, stress and traffic, which are diluted among the branches of trees. The horizon disappears behind the high mountains, which rise as if they were a great wall.

    This curious coexistence configure a unique landscape, unpredictable when you consider the extreme weather of the place, with white winters, springs full of colors, warm summers and reddish and ocher autumns. Every look, every time, in every place and on every occasion, offers a completely different view. Low clouds covering our vision of a pure white, minutes after these clouds clear up and give way to a beam of light that illuminates, through the mist, the wet roofs of the city that lies below. When winter comes and the snow covers the entire country, traffic lights cut the white panorama like rivers of incandescent lava. Nothing is ever the same, everything is always different, we can go from peace to the turmoil, from the more intense green to red without leaving the same landscape. It is the madness of the change in the sea of tranquility. The contradiction carried to its highest expression.

    Behold that photography serves to immortalize the stillness of change.

    And behold as through a series of pictures we get to capture this magnificent spectacle that connects nature and civilization.

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