• SEP 11 to SEP 30
    Solo Exhibition
    Exposición de la última serie de CARLOS URBINA


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    • Emerging Artists
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    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 11 to SEP 30, 2014

    Vernissage: Thursday, September 11 20:30 h. Oppening

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    C/ Santa María, 15

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    Research and art presents in its experimental space Art Room the last series of CARLOS URBINA

    "Curb of events"

    11 to September 30, 2014
    Thursday, September 11 20:30 h. inauguration

    When I was young, I thought that the painting was the ideal method to see things differently and to express my ideas with a language that could be accessed without too many complications, neither economic nor social.
    time teaches you that it is not a matter of presenting your work, but of understanding the world around you before displaying a personal vision; It is not a question of ability but patience for new imaginaries that rethink also known reality, and the other to create unknown.
    however, it is disheartening to also check the ineffectiveness of your work in the collective thought, except in the long term. I am referring to the work of the artist who has to fight against false historical narratives in our social ideology.
    on the other hand, in recent years, my love delve into reading about quantum physics, has given me a vast amount of knowledge that produce monstrous dreams, and which have destabilized what I called "my reality".
    everything is an illusion and our brains, aware of the dangers of madness for our organism, protects us blocking the vision of the true reality and collapsing our observation, as if it were a series of frames in continuous motion.
    in other words, observation determines the final State of things than we perceive.
    cosmology, both in the tiny world of particles, all are leading to more questions, but questions that produce me big dreams to paint, because all I can think is "paintable".
    the topics presented in this exhibitionalready developed in "Neutrino Kermés", allow us to appreciate the elucubrada information of those who, through the so-called by E. Hockins "Event horizon", tell us what would happen if we look inside those wells that we call black holes, in which the force of gravity is so enormous that it would stretch our body in the form of spaghetti, inward simply by look out, and would have us dancing in this soup where are all the things lost by us, together with all the information that we would like and all that, within a high density of objects, I'm not even able to recognize.
    many more topics. All thinkable: determinism, 'Schrödinger cat', the density, the Symmetries of the neutrino, etc.
    the second series, cell portraits, represents mainly heads of beings known. Views, possibly from an interior, with its mass of fluid, cellular materials in efervescències, have nothing to do with the static of the beauty of a nice nose, or a few beautiful cheekbones.
    Finally, I present a sample of the narratives of the unfortunate "RO" and their tribulations series. They are scraps of memories not lived by me, but arriving in my memory. They could be dreams into memories of universes parallel.
    the primeval character of doubt to be the real thing or the reflection copy anyone, or their destination already written, always characterized by the need to carry a bucket. Perhaps learned from your first trip with Gilgamesh and the need of human beings to feed.
    on the other hand, "RO" knows that all destination is formulated in advance, perhaps that does not look at the sides when crossing a street, or perhaps because …

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