• MAY 08 to JUN 04
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 08 to JUN 04, 2014

    Monday to Friday from 16:30 to 20:30

    Vernissage: Inauguration, Thursday, may 8 20:00 h.

    Event Location


    C/ Santa María, 15

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    Investigación y Arte presents in its experimental space Art Room the last series of SABELA BAÑA "El lenguaje de las rosas"

    From May 8 to June 4, 2014

    Inauguration, Thursday, may 8 20:00 h.

    Today, as always, need artists, because they are seeking different and tangential looks the obvious, that as such, comes to be soporific, heartbreaking, and destroyer of wills and the best comfortable and complacent.
    the really surprising thing is that since not a few forums is in question its usefulness, in the fragile virtue of dismiss it is not comprehensible at first sight.
    many the languages of roses, such as those arriving in listening to carefully. Transport books, films or pictures, among other media, comes to be a small miracle that we finished not believe or get used to occur in very different directions, hence much of the rejection that cause.
    Sabela Baña comes from synthesizing the labyrinthine world of full of buds of more diverse species and pigmentations gardens with geometry, and Cezanne in the still lifes or Sotomesa in their windows, she has achieved unique, pure, amazing images that have an own beauty that adds feelings at all that would suggest the topic chosen.
    the combination between shapes, drawings and colors offers a pleasant look to the Viewer, which only remains nutritionists as you would in front of the nature.
    Sabela Baña is A graduate in fine arts, and he has made more than one hundred exhibitions, has likewise been present their work in many international fairs, which among others would be that of Innsbruck (Austria), Artexpo in New York, in Ginza Towa (Japan), Artexpo Las Vegas, Art Fair Sanghai, Art Dublin, Art Edinburgh, Estampa (Spain)OASIS in Osaka, etc.

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