• NOV 28 to DEC 22
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 28 to DEC 22, 2014

    Vernissage: Opening, Friday 28 November at 20:00 h.

    Event Location


    C/ Santa María, 15

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    (automatic translation)

    how many times must we go with the pitcher to the source until it breaks? You may well survive us. And that fierce bet on beat with the probability is that committed Schilling Romero.
    I still remember tearing produced itself when the last time literally shattered the works which had made in 200 x 200 cm, into long and narrow girones. And what may seem anecdotal and witty, it becomes much deeper if considering its evolution creative.
    Schilling is a pure desire in permanent liberation, therefore, and regardless, she gets it, leads us to seek our. His works are always expressive, bright, labyrinthine, but also tight to the discipline of graphic design, to the search for the balanced composition and color wise.
    in this sample now teaches her series entitled "Interior", where you will find clothes, figures, bugs, and especially the mirror which reflects the artist who is none other than the bottom of the loaded vessel of water.
    graduated in fine arts and took part in happening already in the 1980s, then his life changed, but did not change their ability to get in front of screens and graphics. His work was recently in the fair of Osaka and the II biennial Art Maison in the circle of fine arts of Madrid, and has a history full of exhibitions, with us, it is the third time that fills our space.

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