• JAN 14 to FEB 03
    Solo Exhibition
    Exposición Lídia ives


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 14 to FEB 03, 2016


    Event Location

    Fifty Dots Gallery

    Milà i Fontanals, 59

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    • Lídia Vives


    We celebrate the new year with our first exhibition: Lídia Vives - SEX
    Starts the year and with it we premier the exhibition season in our gallery, this first month with the artist Lídia Vives.
    The opening will take place next January 14th from 8 pm in Fifty Dots Gallery, Milà i Fontanals, 59 in Barcelona.

    "Sex" is intended to show sex in an unusual way: with censorship. Erotically charged images that are impossible to classify as erotic.

    We see sex from their carnal point of view, talking about it without taboos. I show curious teenagers, hidden lesbian, public events and dates with strangers. What almost we all do and what almost no one speaks.

    With some scenes based on real events and other imaginary, with hidden secrets in each, I intend to normalize sex talking about it little by little and for all audiences. However, the impact is served even without stripping characters.

    I just insinuate, your imagination will do the rest.

    Lídia Vives


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