• NOV 04 to NOV 18
    Solo Exhibition
    Exposición Schkak Mareské


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 04 to NOV 18, 2013

    Event Location

    Galería Amador de los Ríos

    Fernando el Santo, 24

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    • Schkak Mareské


    (automatic translation)

    Schkak Mareske vocation for painting is innate and since childhood we sought a solid training as that had the great masters who inspired him. Then had to study medicine and exercise it to defend, precisely, his incorruptible artistic vocation to volatile trends of the moment.

    Intellectually committed to the cause of his art, Schkak devoted too much time to read the history of art. When I read the legendary Gombrich, admired author, also wanted similar to the dedicated to Rafael praise for his own work. A day to present their work to the great writer, this broke all their expectations, also provided since their friendship and closeness. Sir Ernst Gombrich also left for posterity written testimony of his sincere admiration for the work of Schkak in a series of letters to the painter. Here are some passages of the critical judgment of Gombrich on the painting of Schkak:

    - "never in history had been given such contrast as today between quality and success. I am convinced that their work, especially portraiture and still life of peaches are really master and linked with dignity with the great tradition of Spanish painting ". (Letter of 19-10-1997)

    "Your drawings again attest to his amazing artistic talent. You do not take it as a compliment when I say that some of them remind me of the drawings of the nature of Leonardo da Vinci. They are amazing. I find it really that in a time in which art has fallen so low, in the distant Spain a Kurdish doctor keeps you to art its honor and its dignity. (...) the authentic art will always find admirers. " (Letter of 30-3-1998)

    "Drawing of nuts is actually a demonstration of the art of drawing IN NUCE (i.e.: at its core, according to the Latin expression). An achievement in the tradition of Leonardo. " (Letter of 18-11-1998)

    These letters of Gombrich will be someday collected in the manuals of the history of art. There are also two letters from Alfonso Pérez Sánchez and Pierre Rosenberg supporting the opinion of Gombrich. All this correspondence preserves the Schkak and is available for those interested.

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