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    FEB 06 to MAY 12, 2013

    Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00; 14:00 and from 17:00; 21:00 Sundays and holidays 11:00; 14:00 closed on Mondays

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    Circulo de Bellas Artes




    Elmyr de Hory was one of the great art forgers of history. It is said of him that he came to paint over a thousand paintings, which were exhibited in museums around the world, under the signature of Picasso, Modigliani and Degas, among others. Born in Hungary, along its path used different names in their quest to leave no trace (Dory Boutin, Elmyr von Houry, Herzog, LE Raynal, Louis Nassau ...). Hory lived 16 years in Ibiza, where he ended his life after a life of deception, luxury and unusual experiences.

    The present exhibition about his work, which first met oils and watercolors, presents us with a reflection on the concept of authorship in artistic creation, the character of the true and the false in art, magic, its contradictions, its misery and grandeur.

    The life and artistic career of Hory was glossed in the book Fraud! The Story of Elmyr de Hory, the most discussed artist of our time, written by Clifford Irving, a friend and also famous swindler. The fates of both characters attracted the attention of Orson Welles, who gave them the documentary F for Fake, a story of deception and where within the film itself, as it did in real-life, accompanies them on the reflection on the truth and falsehood in the world of artistic creation.

    Hory's artistic production, his biography written by Irving and Orson Welles's documentary are three pieces that, together and separately, raise fundamental questions about the artwork and the concept of authorship. Plagiarism is considered, for some time, a form of culture, and has led to extensive and complex debates about inspiration, creation, ownership and authenticity. And propose a reflection on the truths and lies of art, in a world that magical and mythical, is no stranger to the business and interest.

    Parallel to the exhibition, the CBA has produced a documentary piece speeches from both artistic and fraud-fraud-narrative, which can viewed on the same room of the exhibition.

    Curator: Dolores Duran

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