• MAY 09
    FÁBRICA DE CINE SIN AUTOR: Apertura y presentación de la Fábrica


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    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 09, 2013

    Event Location

    Matadero Madrid

    Plaza de Legazpi, 8.

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    After several years of practical experience making films in Madrid, the collective Cine sin Autor has set out on an adventure: to start their own film factory.  Intermediae will host the project's initial phase.

    The CsA collective is looking to put their filmmaking methods to the test on a grander scale, with the goal of making their manufacturing process for making participatory, horizontal and inclusive films more visible.  We believe these processes will establish the foundation for a new film production model- one that is much more appropriate for the 21st century.

    The key to their methodology consists of making every step in film production (the screenplay, shooting, footage editing, the final cut and the films' handling) directed, controlled and managed by non-professionals who become truly dedicated to the process, as well as anyone who wishes to witness it and have a hand in how the process works.

    Film shakes off the shackles of its old policies and becomes a social happening.  As of three years ago, we are able to read how the most contemporary texts and works describe the current era as the origin of The Second History of Film. 

    Friday, June 8 at 8pm the Fábrica de Cine sin Autor opens in the Legazpi neighborhood at Intermediae Matadero Madrid. 

    For two weeks the Cine sin Autor collective has recorded scenes of everyday life, interviews and used other resources while exploring the urban streets and spaces to create an initial neighborhood portrait.  We are inviting anyone living in Legazpi -and any other interested people- to attend this viewing, to share their opinions, suggest changes and argue about this piece's future.  From then on we are offering the neighborhood's residents our services to help shoot their own films in a horizontal way, in a collective.  What film would you make?  Come to the Fábrica de Cine sin Autor in Intermediae's warehouse (Matadero Madrid) to get started shooting your own films with your neighbors.

    > For more information, visit: www.cinesinautor.es

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