• NOV 15 to JAN 20
    Group Exhibition
    FOTOGRAFIA in collezione #2,


    • Group Exhibition

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 15, 2012 to JAN 20, 2013

    Event Location

    MACRO Museo d´arte contemporanea Roma

    via Nizza 138

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    The MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY shows in collection # 2, a selection of works on display at the Museum last year, a collaboration with PHOTOGRAPHY - International Festival of Rome.


    The exhibition, set in the spaces of the Pavilion A MACRO Testaccio, collects the work of Anders Petersen and Paul Ventura, artists whose use of the medium of photography highlights the versatility and the ability to convey messages and heterogeneous interests.

    The Swedish artist Anders Petersen - which PHOTOGRAPHY has given the Commission in Rome in 2005 and in 2012 - is on display in Rome, diary in 2012, the project already presented at the Festival this year. The photographer, which in July after a period of residence at the MACRO, is back after seven years working on the city of Rome, creating a new diary which presents a selection of photographs.

    Continued exposure of The Zouave disappeared, a project realized by Paolo Ventura for the tenth edition of the Rome Commission on show this year in PHOTOGRAPHY. In the ten large-format photographs that make up the work, the artist has reconstructed scenes and characters typical of his poetry in a Rome timeless, suspended between reality and fiction.


    The exhibition also presents two artists connected to digital art: Jon Rafman and Marco Brambilla.

    Jon Rafman are exhibited two works: Nine Eyes of Google Street View - already presented in the 2010 edition of PHOTOGRAPHY - testifies to the interest for the most paradoxical aspects of new media and is composed of a series of images that the artist Canadian selected from the multitude of frames of Google Street View. The second is nature-morta.com, the work of web art that MACRO has commissioned on the occasion of his residence at the Museum in the summer of 2012.

    Marco Brambilla, Canadian artist and filmmaker of Italian origin, will be presented on video-collage Evolution (Megaplex) in which the artist, combining sequences, representations and images from films of the cinema classic Hollywood epic, depicting the history of mankind and its conflicts over time. The installation takes the form of complex scenes from genre films that combined in a remix that seamlessly moves through past, present and future, provide an ironic look into the origin and destiny of man, viewed through the repertoire of narrative ' Hollywood epic.



    PHOTOGRAPHY - Rome's International Festival is sponsored by the Department of Cultural and Historical Center of Rome Capital and co-produced with Zètema Culture Project.

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