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    Four Considerations to Lookout for Before Purchasing Your Dream Artwork


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    FEB 28 to APR 23, 2017

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    If you are someone who is new to buying paintings, then you will agree with us that buying paintings from paintings gallery is not that easy as it seems. Not only the fact that paintings come in a variety of types, design, and quality, but the overwhelming number of paintings available in the market make it all the more confusing for a newbie to select a painting that matches his disposition and suits his pocket. The major concern of a buyer who is new to the world of paintings is to identify elements that make a painting great. It is important for a new buyer to find a painting that will work for him. There are some elements to a painting that make it great.

    The aim of this article is to acquaint a new buyer to three elements that one must look for before buying a painting. So, if you are someone who wants to learn the tricks of the trade or someone who cannot figure out what makes a painting great one from a terrible one, then this article is for you.

    When it comes to buying art, you may probably have already heard “Oh! That guy has a great eye.” What that means is that person understands the works of art and what makes something good or not. Even if you don’t have a great eye for art, you can learn a lot of the aspects by just seeing lots of artwork. To do that, you can visit good paintings gallery and museums and observe what is there on the walls.

    Following are some key points that a great curious eye sees while buying paintings:

    Composition: The first thing that you must look at while buying paintings at a paintings gallery is composition. All you need to do is see a painting and ask yourself whether it works for you? An ideal composition should be free flowing. Every single aspect of the painting should be in coherence with other. You have to feel the flow and composition in a painting.

    Symmetry: After composition, the element that you should look for in a painting is symmetry. For me, symmetry refers to whether the artists get the figures right size wise. For example, if the painting you are considering to buy is a portrait, then look out for hands of the figure, whether the hands are too big/small on a person or whether the person’s head is out of proportion and whether the shadow is incorrect. A perfect piece of painting belonging to realism has perfect symmetry and dimensions. However, in the case of modern art, a little deviation is accepted. It is very important that you look for symmetry. So, the next time you step inside a paintings gallery with an intention of buying paintings opt for paintings that have perfect symmetry.

    Color Palette: The next thing that is important to look out for a painting is its color palette. Though it is very subjective, but of the coloration should be consistent for a particular artist. So, always look out for those paintings that suit your disposition.

    Brush Strokes: The final that one should consider before buying a painting is to pay close heed to brush strokes. Well, we understand that it will take some time for an amateur to understand and appreciate brushstrokes, but brush strokes can give an incredible amount of information about an artist. A confident artist will leave just a single brush stroke each time. When he put his brush on the palette, mixes the color and put it on the canvas, he knows where it is going. The confidence is reflected in the artwork that he creates. So, the next time you are visiting a trustworthy paintings gallery, take a close look at the brush stroke, it will tell you a great deal about the confidence of the artist.

    If you will pay heed to the above-mentioned elements, you will be able to know how to evaluate a painting before you buy your first one.

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