• OCT 27 to MAR 18
    Group Exhibition
    From the letter to the image


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 27, 2012 to MAR 18, 2013

    Event Location

    Centre Pompidou - Musée National d´Art Moderne

    Place Georges-Pompidou – Paris 4e

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    The alphabet is one of the conventions of communication that we use in our society. This code discreetly tells stories, writes, draws and encompasses the world. Creative artists from different artistic disciplines have taken these signs, transformed them, turned them into unusual vocabularies. The letter is both the subject and object of this exhibition workshop “From Letter to Image” which invites children – and their families – to take a fresh look at these signs, to explore their expressive potential when learning to read and write. From small letters floating on a bowl of soup to those that artists transform, the subject “letter” here sharpens children’s eyes and imagination.

    As in a storage room, crates covered in black and white signs are piled up, stacked and stored in a graphic setting by Agraf mobile, with Malte Martin and Costanza Matteucci. Works chosen from the Centre Pompidou collection, paintings, videos and films, are presented to the children to increase their awareness of modern and contemporary creative arts. The letters, tired of being imprisoned, escape and invade the exhibition space. They disrupt the rational approach and play with visual perception; mirrors allow children to play with words which suddenly appear. Endowed with autonomy, the letters arrange themselves, are repeated on infinitely rich graphic frameworks and move freely around a space. They lend themselves to different transformations under the spotlights or in anamorphic compositions.
    They disturb the senses and invite the children into a world of illusions, changes of scale and unexpected materials. Freed, they talk about other places, other stories, other metamorphoses as each of them moves around. Distorted or gigantic, precious or crude, as tags on a wall or written in light, the letters are on show, ready to be manipulated. They are very attractive: discover a show of ham-acting letters, a swirling “wall of words”, make active progress in this place of writing, assemble all the fun and scripted suggestions, superimpose all these stories in exhibited images. “From Letter to Image” is an invitation to enjoy a breathtaking experience in this peculiar warehouse of letter boxes… To complete this adventure, a course of guided visits within the Museum is offered to families, based on a selection of works.


    Organiser : Direction des publics / Service programation jeune public, M.C. Herpe-Mora - M.C. Beck

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