• MAY 25 to JUN 02
    Group Exhibition
    GALACTIC HITCHHIKER, by Daniel kho and Odo Rumpf


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    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 25 to JUN 02, 2015

    Event Location


    Jl. Panestanan Kelod, (T-Junction Opp. Pura Dalem Penestanan)


    • Daniel Kho
    • Odo Rumpf


    YEAR 10 ADA
    (After Douglas Adam, from the book of 'The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy).

    Based on the verdict from the Intergalactic Supreme Court No. 108293785/ 2k/2/4243/123/021, the Earth and its contents had to be destroyed as it was considered by the Intergalactic Federation as being out of date and no longer useful. The blue planet that used to be home to humanity was replaced with a new interstellar bypass system connecting nearby galaxies. The surviving human remnants of this planet were left floating in infinite space. The one thing that they lacked, however was a place they could call home.

    A new planet called Alternative Earth (AE) was built by the dolphins, who once inhabited the earth oceans, as part of their campaign called ‘Save The Humans’. Although this replica planet is 10 times smaller, it has all the best characteristics that the previous earth had. To get to AE, humans needed to take a very long journey requiring an advanced transportation system that had yet to be perceived by their race.

    The only hope for the remnants of planet earth is to use the old-fashioned technique of hitchhiking and to hail passing vehicles to transport them. A special skill must be learnt apart from the raised thumb used in order to summons and stop the vehicle. Unlike stopping a car that only had an average speed of 100km/h, this time they are dealing with a transportation system conceived by an highly advanced intelligent inter galactic race that has a minimal speed of 1,000,000 km/h.



    Year 2015 AD
    (Back to the present earth).

    Some (not-so-mad) scientists, whose real identity has been concealed, succeeded to re-create a time machine. During their inaugural flight into the future they discovered a baffling fact about the sudden demolition of the earth. After crying about their pathetic fate over vodkas, they found clues leading them to the technique of Galactic Hitchhiking.

    The scientists managed to locate the remnant of the human race and succeeded in persuading Daniel Kho and Odo Rumpf, who are none other than the legendary Galactic Hitchhikers, to go back to the present earth (2015 AD). Via an inter dimensional gateway located at the coordinates of 8°30'35.2"S 115°14'53.1”E, Kho and Rumpf are bringing some future ARTefacts while being living evidence to tell of the future apocalypse - a time that only the dolphins were fully aware of

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