• FEB 08 to MAY 05
    Group Exhibition
    Generación 2013: Presentamos la nueva generación del arte contemporáneo


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 08 to MAY 05, 2013

    Event Location

    La Casa Encendida

    Ronda Valencia, 2 28012 Madrid

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    The program, which is fourteen years since its inception, was designed to discover and promote the work of young artists to the general public, critics and art professionals.


    Generations has become one of the most important references in the spread of emerging art, both national and European level, providing a valuable overview of contemporary creation in our country.


    The program has been attended by over a thousand young artists, which together with previous calls totaling more than 17,000 participants.


    These are the ten artists and projects that have been selected:


    Elena Alonso, The Firm; Irene Andrew, Festival Club. Where nothing happens, Manuel Eirís, Plaça dels Angels, James Giralda, Rendering Landscapes, Juan Lopez, punishes the plasterboard; Asunción Molinos, The Matam The Mish-Masry (The Egyptian non-restaurant); Guillermo Mora, Penta Pack; Teresa Solar, Double Bit; Julia Spinola, phrase (object), and Martin Vitaliti, #17.


    It comes complete with project dissemination editing a bilingual exhibition catalog which is the most important card for the selected artists.


    The exhibition, multidisciplinary, presents a broad overview of the Spanish young creation. His works convey the public's concerns and concerns that motivate artists and they reflect today's world.


    Through the use of various media and techniques-painting, drawing, photography, comics, video installation, sound installation or installation-simply, much of the 2013 Generation authors agree in pointing in their respective projects, directly, without any of artifice, concepts such as emptiness, ruin, loss or disappearance, an approach that, since the tune with what is happening in the world today, left open to enrichment through the multiple interpretations by viewers.


    The jury was composed of 2013 by João Fernandes, Deputy Director of Conservation, Research and Dissemination of the National Art Museum Reina Sofia, Javier Montes, writer and art critic, and Gloria Picazo, Director of the Centre d'Art la Panera.

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