• DEC 10
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    DEC 10, 2012

    Event Location

    Galeria Sicart

    C/ de la Font, 44, Vilafranca del Penedès 08720
    Vilafranca del Penedes

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    After the Scholarship for plastic arts from the College of Spain in Paris (2010), Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2011), and exposure Psicografías at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (2012), Ruth Morán (Badajoz, 1976) saturates in Sicart Gallery in a residence dedicated to the creation of his second individual after I invite you to enter 2007.

    exposure consists of 6 large format works and a series of polyptychs in which, from a matte black textured background, creates an affective environment through precise layout in the space on the line from concentrations of light and shadow, generating rhythms and energies that have a psychic and psychic in the spectator translation.




    From the silence we can only guess unheard sounds, we need the darkness to sense lightning luminosities or permanence to create fledgling movements sometimes is necessary to inhabit the vacuum to catch a glimpse of new forms and view from scratch are distributed and sorted.

    the quality of the black is not absence, simply gives shelter to the notion of night of waiting, of concealment; it is stop time, put it in your home, erase all trace of recognizable, defer the present. be principle. body, container, container. silence, veneration, ecstasy. mysticism. its always velvety texture is reunion with skin, memory. the calm absolute by the absence of pleasure and pain.

    Is in this scenario arises where the first cell capable of initiating the spelling of a language still suspended in the hesitation, where slides the stroke, extends, will occupy spaces in requiebros impossible. nothing manifested transparencies, nocturnal crystals of moderate cold, solidified traces that make up Moonlight landscapes, intense, unrealistic, inert. how after a Flash in the dark, his glare new images, are the sediment that is deposited in the retina and weaves a few moments before attaching it. captivates their remoteness, they enchant its forms, you wrap, absorb you, paralyze. clarity of darkness is desparadoja. grow the enigmas, darkness fades as you are influencing your gloom. the sediment of time beats between lines, manifests itself in atmospheric visions, calligraphy its territory.

    without superfluous exhibicionismos, the artist goes by in the flat Threading textures that will define the nakedness of awareness only recognizable through the lines in the surface emerge which in the vital impulse flows underpinning it. Forms used organically, you sense stony constructions as a result of different eruptions, layer to layer, as in memories, as not even dreamed dreams waiting emerge through the cracks of the bark. Sometimes are diamond cross-cutting disagreements those that divide the narrative into two parts so that flow sequences, so they spread through the paper.

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