• JAN 18 to FEB 22
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 18 to FEB 22, 2014

    Vernissage: January 18 at 12 o'clock

    Event Location

    AC Gallery Arte&Ciencia

    Plaza de Chueca, 6. Bajo

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    (automatic translation)

    GTCAGTC is an exhibition of the artist Mirai Kobayashi, which summarizes part of the two cultures to which belongs the painter; the East, characterized by the use of water as essential material; and the West, with the irruption material balancing compositions.

    Mirai Kobayashi is undoubtedly one of the creators with greater projection within art in Spain, although its popularity is, for years, international.

    has managed to find his own, unique, style that out it from the great wave of contemporary artists who have not yet rescued its peculiarity of the influence of the great masters.

    his spots of ink, which endow their cadres of the material of the water feeling, adopt the form of peculiar Islands, in whose creation has been involved, not only the hand of the artist, but the nature of the elements, who is revealed to be bounded by all drawn symbols, setting a particular semantic and feature in his work.

    GTCAGTC refers to one of these symbols who inhabit its pictures, DNA coding system, and delves into one of the constants of the thought of Kobayashi, the encounter between art and science during the creative process.

    Sample is included within the cultural events of the dual year Spain - Japan 2013-2014, coinciding with the 400th anniversary of the sending of the Keicho Embassy to Europe, and therefore, commemorating 400 years of Japanese Exchange.

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