• MAY 18 to JUL 22
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    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 18 to JUL 22, 2017

    Vernissage: OPENING MAY 18 20H.

    Event Location

    Galeria Combustion Espontanea

    Amaniel 20 bajo b

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    This year marks 100 years of French author Marcel Duchamp's work entitled "La source" (Fountain). An "object"... an already centuries-old artwork which marked the beginning of the break with the design classic of understand and perceive art. Today, one hundred years later, "the object", questioned more than ever, it is still "lusted" of "images" that bring us closer to a reality that we seek by all means, conceptualize and domar.

    The "image object" breaks with his own "re-presentation", leaving behind the mimesis and fleeing from any intention of similarity, as well, for "arise" as such. In this way the "object" reaches its own invisibility in pursuit of a new mimesis that allows the immateriality, through the adoption of a new discourse. This is the right place, the point of intersection where it generates what is real and what might be imagined. As we build a new reality already attending a devastated imagery that has been abandoned to the symbolic through the elaboration of new metanarratives.

    Idea-objeto - representation or "presentation" are a fundamental part of the work of the three artists who are part of this exhibition. A constant dance of shadows thrown against the reality, that they investigate between what is real and what appears to be a created ction - copy and the original image, myth and history, or "mimesis" vital pulse. With these premises is the work of three artists: Iker Lemos, Usoa Fullaondo and Abel Jaramillo, as re ection of contemporary art practices, building his plastic research and stories from the 'representation' and questioning of the object as such.

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