• MAY 16 to JUL 27
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 16 to JUL 27, 2013

    Vernissage: Thursday, 16th May 2013

    Event Location


    17 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine

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    The artist Julien GRUDZINSKI interrogates us in his works on the symbols of our society : representations of good and evil embedded in the collective unconscious. Despite an often more complex reality, these symbols are rarely questioned. The main reasons being the fear of collapsing our ideals, and of marginalizing us from the rest of society.

    The result is a form of behavioral absurdity that Julien GRUDZINSKI reveals to us by burlesque staging, where humor allows the questionning. At the border of academicism, the artist also plays for the ages so that the symbols shown are taken out of their context by anachronism. Freed from the weight of history, we then see them in another way. A multiple reflection as in this situation every being, every object, each element acquires meaning in the contact of others. The empty space itself, intentionally left by the artist, is an invitation to the imagination to complete the work.

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