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    Kowasa Gallery
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    JAN 17 to MAR 03, 2013

    From Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 8:30 pm / Saturdays: From 1 am to 3pm and from 4pm to 8:30pm

    Vernissage: Thursday, January 17, from 7:30 pm

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    Kowasa Gallery

    Mallorca, 235

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    • Laia Moreto Alvarado


    KOWASA gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Inerme”, a solo show by Laia Moreto Alvarado that consists of approximately twenty B/W close-ups of blossoms, plants and other natural elements, all printed by the photographer. The title “Inerme” is a word of Latin origin (inermis) employed to describe “something physically and morally defenceless”. In Biology it is used to define anything lacking thorns, prickles or stingers. In an oeuvre like Moreto’s, where the majority of the elements featured possess some sort of a point or splinter, “Inerme” serves as a counterpoint, expressing a broader conceptual frame for nature: How solidity and fragility are capable of exchanging their roles.

    In the crossroads of tangibility and immateriality, the photographs of Laia Moreto draw attention to these two facets of natural order. Constructed by means of transparencies and chiaroscuros, they both evoke and interiorize the polarity inherent in the world that surrounds us – the so-to-speak unresolved tensions between the dominant and the fragile, between impolite beauty and darkness, between flowers and their thorns. In the “Black” and “White” series featured in this exhibition, tension underlies the peau douce of the apparently subtle and ethereal forms; it palpitates without never exceeding the limits, and the microcosm of flowers and plants encountered unexpectedly in parks and public gardens turns into a universal metaphor for contained feelings, emotions and passions.

    In Moreto’s proper words, “the aim of this body of work is not to idealize nature, neither admire its beauty, but rather show its condition, balance the tension that exists between the vulnerable and the dominant, and revert them”. Her photographs open up to a new space and let us also defenceless. They remind us of our true limitations: The finite of our presence and our dimensions in the immensity of the natural chain.

    Llorenç Raich (professor at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics of Barcelona) contributes a critical essay to this exhibition.

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