• NOV 15 to JAN 12
    Group Exhibition
    INSIDE OUT II,5 colecciones


    • Group Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 15, 2012 to JAN 12, 2013

    Event Location

    Galería Astarté

    C/Monte Esquinza, 8 , 28010 Madrid [Spain]

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    • Ana Sánchez
    • Joao Mouro
    • José García Navas
    • Lola Guerrera
    • Vicky Herreros


    It might not be frequent for an art gallery to get involved in creative projects beyond the mere fact of commercializing its products. Perhaps the function of an art gallery owner or director could be too often limited to what is considered strictly commercial, forgetting that essential part of its role as an innovator and promoter of art and culture. Fortunately, it is not always so. The ASTARTE Gallery of Art not only disposes but also proposes and for that it strongly
    engages its artists into new ways of approaching their exhibitions without interventionism, just
    through a brief though concise insinuation given and motivated by an idealism opened to
    multiple tendencies and interpretations. Ideas and concepts which –it goes without saying- its artists generously repay with their creations. García Navas with his beautiful swarms of automatic calligraphies free from any vacuous effects; Vicky Herreros throwing out new
    challenges to painting itself from an impulsive gesture that stains the given image in order to
    create a new one; Ana Sanchez, handling paper into any possible form and possibility in order
    to reinvent objects as alive as indefinable; Joao Mouro and his impossible locus Vivendi,
    reproducing building madness as a consequence of the insatiable human ambition; and finally,
    Lola Guerrera, subtle, fragile, symbolic and fragrant lover of suggesting by means of direct
    image and evocative words in a kind of Mallarmé-like way.
    One more year and under the epigraph INSIDE OUT this small and yet big exhibiting project
    is again renewed engaging five names regular to the gallery all of them joined together by five
    ideas of different intensity and depth: ranging from those that allude to universal philosophic
    values ( Uncertain, Vulnerability) to those that refer to the accidental or sensitive

    characteristic of human nature and its consequences ( Delirium, Rhythm and Property
    Peninsula). The spectator will gradually discover the content and sense of these concepts,
    separately developed by each of the artists, each on one’s own. After those singular intellectual
    lucubration and its subsequent artistic representation, a final result is reached by means of art
    works that coexist side by side in surprising harmony, culminating in a plastic process as
    beautiful as unquestionably human/animal ( due to that of instinctive might contain). The truth and sincerity of these small but deep pieces, full of content and versatile when handling
    materials and discourse, lies in the pleasant component given by the artist creation and also in
    the progressive familiarity of each of them with their own ghosts, fears and particular anxiety.
    The capacity to get moved or, at least, to share a part of those intended feelings depends not
    only on the dialectical strength contained in the varied relations established among the works
    exhibited but also on the openness and offer that our condition of sharp on-lookers brings to those diverse realities shown; to say it in a different way, it depends on our quality as
    spectators attentive to every proposal or intimate communication. A message always expecting to be revealed by others. Being supported by the abstraction of the intangible and concreted in the materiality of painting, sculpture, photography and drawings, the five reflexive proposals of
    these five singular artists vindicate the desire for the everlasting beauty of Art in an
    inexhaustible oscillating movement towards territories as uncertain as fascinating.

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