• JUN 19 to JUN 28
    Group Exhibition
    intercambiador acart - aurora molina / raimon sibilo


    • Group Exhibition
    • Modern Art

    Dates and Opening hours

    JUN 19 to JUN 28, 2015

    Event Location

    espacio trapézio

    Calle Augusto Figueroa, 24, 2º. Mercado de San Antón

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    Molina's drawings demand a new space within the social space itself. It is a selfcritique to the realities shared by everyone who lives the everyday capturing #life and how they #lovemylife. It becomes essential to share your everydayness in a fictionalized space within the fictionalized parallel world.

    Seen through a zoologist's lens, this "Everydayness" series reveals anthropomorphic creatures in a fictional urban setting in a society that sees itself as utopian in nature. In a compilation of photographs documenting everyday life and routines, teens taking selfies, elders contemplating protests, metro stations, etc., the construction of a cityscape emerges.

    Another dimension to the urban reality is the digital platform. For this series of thread drawings on fabric, Molina explores the contradiction and confluence of space and action in any society.The modernist model demands a new space within the social space itself. The intention of using thread to create this series speaks to a woman's tradition and role in a culture dominated by hegemonic masculinity. The softness and delicacy of the medium dignifies a woman's opinion and presence in the social space.

    RAIMON SIBILO (Holland)
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    Berlin based artist (since 2011). Born and raised in The Netherlands. Graduated in 2004 from a study Commercial, Graphic Design at Sint Lucas, Boxtel (NL) with a MBO degree in Multimedia and in 2009 from The Art Academy St. Joost, 'sHertogenbosch (NL) with a BA in Fine Art. In the following years, he immersed himself in different projects, exhibitions, cooperations.

    Sibilo recognises himself as beachcomber in a concrete digital landscape that collects images images, ideas, inspiration, tangible things, then categorizing them, reusing them, adapting them, changing the medium, creating series. These are a few steps his work goes through. Irony, sarcasm, (selfinvented) symbolism and humor are often used to show/discuss in a playful way, important/serious subjects.
    In the project G racias por su visita, the artist approaches the city from the point of view of a tourist.

    Discovering a new city in a strange country where you don't speak the language. Walking, biking, public transport, going through the city, driving around in a Tourbus, moving from one museum to the other, visiting castles, temples, monuments, churches, parks, etc.

    “Setting out in the morning, jumping on my bike, following the river through the park, after the park continuing the river. Taking a left somewhere, suddenly I'm not biking on asphalt anymore but on sand and stones with a lot of holes. Slowly the landscape changes from stone houses to wooden houses, to selfmade cardboard houses. I seem to have arrived in some sort of slumdistrict.
    Atmosphere is changing, kids asking me for money, people looking at me from the shadows (35 degrees outside), I stopped making pictures with my iPhone 5s. After more than an hour, I manage to get away from this place, over a mountain, through a fence. I arrived in a completely new build district with huge fats, big asphalted streets, benches every 10 meters, completely empty, not a soul on the streets.”

    While being a tourist, on his way from one place to the other, Raimon Sibilo also now and then steps out of the status of tourist and observes and explores “The tourist” and the urban life of Madrid from the point of view of a critical minded artist and also leaves the typical tourist places. Experiences can be transformed into work or used as inspiration. This way of observing the city follows the same principle as for example one of his ongoing project “Urban Nature”, where he collects a series of photos of the reenactment of nature in the urban landscape.

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