• MAR 03 to MAR 25
    Group Exhibition


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    • Modern Art
    • Emerging Artists
    • Contemporary
    • Photography
    • Prints & Works on Paper

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 03 to MAR 25, 2017

    Vernissage: 3 of March to them 19 hours

    Event Location

    Yuri López Kullins Galería de Arte

    Calle Santa Brígida, 23

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    • Claudia Perenzalez
    • Horacio Carrena
    • Ileana Hernández
    • José Ángel Uberuaga Ube
    • Julia Neumann
    • Karla Álvarez
    • Leonor Berlanga
    • Leonor Hochschild
    • María Elena García Márquez
    • Vicente Ramón Panach

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    (automatic translation)

    INTERCONTINENTAL is the fourth exhibition organized by the Gallery Yuri López Kullins as part of the cultural exchange that the entity carries out between Mexico and Madrid to promote the work of their artists represented.

    each exhibition allows to know very closely the diversity of styles, palettes and forms of expression of the artists selected for the gallery in Madrid.

    on this occasion, is incorporate them artists Claudia Perenzalez, Horacio Carreña, Ileana Hernandez, Julia Neumann, Maria Elena Garcia Marquez and Karla Alvarez. In addition, the exhibition dedicated a space interest to the work of José Angel Uberuaga Ube.

    Ube is an artist of Basque origin, whose work is inclined to conceptual or object-based art. His style transgressive is of breaking the rules of a society defective, within a system each time more corrupt, sexist and destructive with the own human being. The work of Ube is challenging, brave, politically incorrect, with the sole purpose of making us reflect.

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