• OCT 23 to NOV 07
    Group Exhibition
    International Concrete


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    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 23 to NOV 07, 2017

    lunes a viernes de 13 a 20h sábados d 11 a 20h

    Vernissage: October 23th, 6pm

    Event Location

    Marcela Jardon Art

    Passeig de Gracia 55-57 1º local 6

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    • Eduard Escoffet
    • Francesca Partridge & Franck Dubuck
    • Hanz Hancock & Patrick Morrissey
    • Judith Duquemin
    • Lila Afiouni
    • Liz Helman
    • Marcela Jardón
    • Nicole Ellis


    International Concrete is an inquiry-based, multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together a mix of international artists who engage with principles of Concrete Art in their working process. The painter Theo Van Doesburg, in his Manifesto of Concrete Art (1930), stated to the effect that Concrete Art was imagery devoid of figurative, symbolic or stylistic references. Painting ‘itself’ was defined by the element that only referred to... ‘itself’... Painters such as Gris, Malevich, Popova and Mondrian all separated concrete and non-objective process from earlier forms of abstraction. Elements of line, plane, volume, space, material, colour, and shape were ‘concretized, or reduced to a concrete form so that the artist could use certain elements freely and competently for constructive purposes (Popova, L. 1921). Always characterized by clarity and an economy of means, contemporary Concrete Art is a developing aesthetic that responds to new ideas and new technologies (Lowe, P. 1999), occurring in several creative disciplines such as Poetry, Film, Opera, Jazz, Performance Art, and Visual Art. International Concrete will highlight principles of concrete process through examples of painting, drawing, photography, digital animation, poetry and film making, and will attempt to challenge popular, aestheticized, sometimes historicized interpretations of Concrete Art, by referring to experimental practice that is cross disciplinary and research based.

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