• MAY 09 to MAY 29
    Twin Studio
    Solo Exhibition
    Javier Iglesias Algora - Portals


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 09 to MAY 29, 2013

    Tuesday-Friday from 17.00 to 20.00

    Vernissage: on May 9 from the 19.00 to 21.30

    Event Location

    Twin Studio

    San Hermenegildo 28, 28015 Madrid – España

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    On Thursday, May 9, from 19 pm, the artist Javier Iglesias Algora, co-founder with his brother Pablo of art magazine Belio Magazine  opens  in Twin Gallery the exhibition Portals, a selection of digital artworks aimed is to induce the viewer to an inner journey in stages.

    The exhibition will be open until Wednesday, May 29 at the usual time of the gallery.

    Through an imaginary colors, shapes and symmetries, Madrid artist aims to open the doors of perception of the viewer to other realities, to another world, according to the author, there is and can be discovered within each. The journey through these realities "meditational" concludes after viewing each work and be aware of the time one has lived within them:

    "Each work, each image is a gateway to an experience, a different vibration. The passage through each of these portals intended result in the reorganization and transformation inside the observer, just as sand mandalas of Tibetan Buddhists seek to attain intense concentration and complete absorption of care, as a way out momentarily of temporality.

    Today we are subjected to a continuous visual bombardment, both on the street and on the Internet or any other means of communication. Advertising uses many visuals to get our attention and make us forget what we were doing ourselves. This constant visual distraction makes us unable to focus our attention for more than five or ten minutes on the same target. My works seek to capture the attention during this time, longer than usual, in order to bring us back to ourselves."

    Using as a basis the psychological effect of the shapes and color to recreate portals of light, these digital mandalas seek to inspire alternative states of consciousness in the viewer. They converge countless cultural references the artist's particular universe, from digital art, psychedelia, Op Art and graphic design, to the chaos, fractals, the mystical and sacred geometries represented in various ancient cultures of the world.

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