• JUL 26 to SEP 29
    Solo Exhibition
    Jockum Nordström All I Have Learned and Forgotten Again


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JUL 26 to SEP 29, 2013

    El martes al domingo 10-18 miércoles 10 – 21 cerrado los lunes

    Event Location

    Camden Arts Center

    Camden Arts Centre Arkwright Road London NW3 6DG
    United Kingdom

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    • Jockum Nordström


    In Swedish artist Jockum Nordström’s dream-like drawings, paintings and collages, people are always doing something. Whether riding horses, sailing boats, making love or playing music they are constantly in action. His myriad cast of characters seem to come from another era, situated in a world of muted tones and colours and depicted in backgrounds from the old world or brought forward into architecture of a more modern time.

    Nordström's imagery emerges from the everyday and his memories, fantasises and thoughts; what he encounters in waking dreams. Suffused with a surreal quality, his works often contain absurd or violent elements as real and imagined worlds combine on the paper's surface. His first solo exhibition in London, All I Have Learned and Forgotten Again brings together a selection of collages, graphite drawings and small scale architectural sculptures.

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